December 2018


Year-end fundraisers are highly effective regarding raising money. The holiday season is in full swing, and people are free to participate in events which often take a backseat to a hustle also bustle of everyday life. However, non-profit should try newer means of attracting donors to make each of these fundraisers a hit.

Follow the five given ideas to make your year-end fundraising event genuinely successful:

Use your website to seek donations online

Websites offer an easy way to raise funds. So, create a site if you do not have one yet; and if you already have an online presence, give essential details about the upcoming fundraising event. Do not forget to add the “Donate Now” button on the event page to let people assist you financially in a generous way.

Launch email campaigns and send newsletters

Write short emails with appealing messages to persuade the targeted donors or organizations to support your cause. Have a beautiful layout with a strong headline or send out newsletters and fundraising appeals on a monthly or annual basis to build a strong relationship with the donors. If you are using the fundraising event registration software, you can make use of the email messaging tool to send out bulk emails in an automated manner.

Share your fundraising success stories

Post videos, photos, and attendee reviews of your previous fundraisers on social media sites to share the experience with your online fans and followers. You can also offer some expert tips on how to raise donations and talk about the challenges they are likely to face while hosting such an event on their own.

Request your donors to use social networking platforms too to share their experience of attending your event with their friends and followers. Also, the donors can share various event details with their followers via the social media channels as well so that even they can reach out to you to support your causes.

Organize fun events in between

Organize fun-filled events to break the monotony of the fundraisers. Some of the favorite games and contents that you can think of hosting include fashion shows live bands, making live art, carnivals/fairs, dance performances, and more. You can sell products, cook Jambalaya recipe from scratch for example or sell simple hand made products. 

Reward achievers

People often want to help but might be more interested if they get something in return. You can do this by offering token rewards for the levels achieved, for example, a limited edition goodie bag or a thank you memento.

While organizing a fundraising event do not waste money and time on hiring external staff to manage the registrations and collect donations. Instead, opt for an online event management solution. From fundraising registration to payment processing, sending out bulk invitations to social media promotions, the software does it all and more, in a streamlined manner.